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REALTORS® ONLY: Members of the Commercial Alliance Committee will post the latest updates on legislation that affect commercial real estate. Provides commercial members the opportunity to gain professional knowledge by meeting to discuss market data and topics of professional interest to commercial REALTORS®.

*Committee Members will be appointed by the Association President based on experience and submissions.                                                      Sign Up

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What Are Committees? When it comes to making decisions at the local level, our committees, advisory boards, forums, and task forces are the first place where ideas are discussed and voted upon before being approved by the Board of Directors. 

Why Serve on a Committee? Committees help shape the direction of our Association and its policies. If you want your voice to be heard and wantto contribute to the decision-making process, our committees are a great forum for debate and discussion. Experience on committees is beneficial for those interested in seeking a future leadership roles.

Committee Volunteers: If you're interested in serving on a Committee in 2016, fill out your information by clicking on the button below and send to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Committee requestswill for 2016 will be accepted beginning October 2015.

The Benefits of Volunteering

Association involvement establishes that you care about your profession and your community.

Volunteering puts you in contact with other community-minded people, who can teach you the crucial business issues impacting the community (e.g., employment issues, zoning issues, etc.).

These experiences can offer you the opportunity to learn skills to work with press releases and handle telephone calls or can entail public speaking opportunities with local media. This is practical experience for your real estate career.



Florida Realtors® Committee Service Opportunities

Ready to serve the REALTOR® organization on the state level?

Your willingness to participate is greatly appreciated.  Please review the committee descriptiofrns, as some have changed, and please note that some committee positions are dictated by our bylaws and policies so space may be limited.

Need help making selections? Be sure to read the 2016 committee descriptions.

Please note: Committee meetings date/times do overlap and this should be considered when making your committee requests.

Check for deadlines, (Login required)



Practical Tips for Committee Chairs

Whether you agree to chair a committee or you serve as the board or staff liaison to a committee, these tips will help you before, during and after committee meetings.

Planning the Meeting

Charges It would be difficult to chair a committee if you did not know what the president of the board of directors expected of the group. If he or she has not charged the committee with specific, measurable goals, then ask for clarification or set your committee goals and clear them with the board president.

Time Management Committee members’ time is valuable. Let them know this by thanking them for attending and showing respect for their time. Start and end your meeting on time. If work isn’t completed within the meeting timeframe, suggest a conference call in the interim. Make every minute count.

Committee Composition The board president will appoint or recommend members, or the committee chair will have that responsibility. The committee should be composed of willing volunteers, including a balance of diverse members representing various interests, geography and cultures within the organization. The committee should not be perceived as a clique. A word about overly large committees and “dead weight.” If as the committee chair you cannot figure out why some people volunteer without commitment or even showing up for meetings, speak to the organization president about replacing the deadwood with more effective members or pare down the committee to a manageable size.

Orientation Committee volunteers will appreciate a short briefing at the start of the year to learn what is expected of them. For instance, how many meetings will be required, are expenses reimbursed, how many hours will they need to give? This is also the time to indicate that though everyone is a volunteer, accountability and follow-through will be required to serve the committee.

Subcommittees To accomplish more work on a timely basis, consider appointing subcommittees from among your members. A subcommittee or task force is smaller, more agile and can get the work done faster in many instances.

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