Leadership Academy


Enhance your capacity to lead people…

Simply put, leading is setting direction and guiding others to follow in that direction. Join us by dedicating 5 sessions to learn, grow and inspire others. The purpose of the Leadership Academy is to provide a forum through which existing and potential CORE leaders can be:

Briefed relative to industry trends and directions

Informed about CORE history, procedures, business plan, annual goals and objectives, finances and organizational values

Educated about leadership skills and competencies

Prepared to meet association leadership expectations

Since 1923, the Royal Palm Coast Realtor® Association has placed a high value on and has earned a significant dividend from its investment in quality leadership. As such, the association has gained a national reputation for quality services, innovative programming and productive leadership. The association is committed to continuing this record and recognizes that enlightened and engaged leadership will be the key to its success.
In order to reach this standard, the Association Leadership Team must be in possession of certain demonstrable competencies: a) the ability to lead change; b) the ability to lead people; c) the ability to communicate; and d) the ability to be a business leader.
A key role of the Leadership Academy is to assist participants to understand each of these leadership competencies, how they can be developed and where they will be used in practice.

We encourage you to participate, with the only investment being your time, to stand with us as a REALTOR® Association of Excellence by collectively promoting member business interests through education, communication and proactive management of industry issues.


Leadership Academy Graduates

Leadership Graduates


Pictured Above (left to right):

Amber Crumrine, Sandra Lepley, Blaine Elmer, Doris Foster, Monika Wilson, Nancy Williamson, Kevin Montore, Bill Kourpouanidis, Jacob Meyer, Angie Nichols, Donna Guido – Co-Chair, Oscar Prom,



Jason Jakus Co-Chair

Paula Kiker Co-Chair

Robin McKeever Co-Chair

Karen Swanbeck Co-Chair


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