Crisis Foundation


Crisis Fund

The “Crisis Fund” is a monetary reserve collected through annual fundraisers for the benefit of Association members and/or immediate family who are facing hardship from natural catastrophe or the death of a primary income provider. Trustees review the application for approval.

Crisis Foundation Policy Procedures and Guidelines


The Foundation has been established to offer temporary assistance to dues-paying Primary Members and Affiliates and/or immediate family who are facing financial hardship and/or personal crisis, due to their own or their immediate family members’ catastrophic event, life threatening illness or injury. Each event, illness or injury will be referred to as an “incident(s)” in the remainder of this document.


Catastrophic illness or injury is defined as an illness, injury, impairment, or physical condition that requires medical attention or hospitalization and subsequent treatment, or medical equipment.

Catastrophic events include but are not limited to: mass flood, fire, tornado, hurricane or severe storm, where the incident leads to substantial destruction of property. This also includes personal incidents such as violent crime, severe accident, or death that causes severe financial hardship for the family.

Property is defined as the Member/Affiliates primary residence at the time of the incident.

Immediate family member is defined as: the Member/Affiliate’s child, spouse, domestic partner, civil union partner, parent and any other relative who is a member of the member/affiliate’s household.  A child is defined as a biological, adopted or foster child, a stepchild or a legal ward. A parent is defined as a biological parent, a parent-in-law, a step-parent or a legal guardian.

Application and Funding Process

An Application for Assistance must be completed by the Member or beneficiary requesting the funds. The completed application, including all supporting documentation, will be reviewed by the Trustees and the request responded to within 30 days. The review process will only commence once all supporting documentation has been received.

The Foundation Trustees have the discretion to determine the level of funding based on their review of the application and documentation and may award up to the amount of $1,500.00 per incident; excluding Life Insurance Benefits.  All information will be kept strictly confidential and will not be shared outside of the Trustees.

An applicant may make a subsequent request(s) for assistance for unrelated incident(s). Trustees have the discretion to determine whether additional assistance will be provided.

Life Insurance Benefits

The Foundation provides the Primary Member a Life Insurance Benefit of $2,500.00, upon receipt of required documentation (original certified death certificate). This payment is made to the Primary Member’s beneficiary.

Disbursement of Funds

Foundation monies cannot be given directly to the members, but are used to pay, on their behalf, expenses incurred, after submission of proper documentation. Funding is not guaranteed and may be limited.

Funding Sources

Funding for the Foundation is derived through fundraisers and as an Association budget line item. Funding is not guaranteed and may be limited in any given year.

Commitment to Equality

The Foundation has always, and continues to be, an equal access and equal opportunity corporation. The Foundation will not discriminate against any person or persons on the basis of his or her race, ethnicity, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status, national origin, or sexual orientation.

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