Fort Myers Beach Sign Ordinance


Do You Know Your Sign Rules?

Do you know every rule about posting real estate signs in every city in every county in Southwest Florida? Chances are – no. But the Town of Fort Myers Beach wants to help you out – before they have to cite you.

The Town has an easy-to-access site that lists all of the requirements for signage you may wish to post on Estero Island. It’s important that you crosscheck your plans with their rules so you don’t end up having to pay a fine.

For instance, you’re limited to how big your signage is, how tall the post is, and even where you’re allowed to stick a sign. If you know what the code says, and you follow it, you won’t have to worry. But make sure you read it through – there are some rules that might surprise you.

For example: did you know real estate signs on the beach cannot have riders attached? Signs have to face a certain way (perpendicular to the road). And only waterfront homes are allowed more than one sign (and the second one has to be on the water side of the property).

If you know your code, you’ll have no problems. To double-check the code, visit this website.


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