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2016 Supported Candidates

Why does your Association get involved with political races?

Member advocacy in the political process has come to the forefront of strategic importance to the National Association of Realtors® so that we may preserve the business of real estate. The Royal Palm Coast REALTOR® Association has an obligation to its membership to be involved with the political process of the local elections. As such, the candidate screening committee annually interviews candidates for public office to determine which candidates will gain the support of the Association as a “Realtor Champion”: someone who actively supports private property rights and the real estate industry. With over 6,200 professional members, the Realtor© Association is one of the largest trade organizations in Southwest Florida and our members take pride the electoral process and they vote.

The Candidate Screening Process

Our process involves having announced candidates come in for a private interview with volunteer members of the association on the Candidate Screening Sub-committee. Those members formulate a series of questions regarding real estate related policy and ask the same questions of all the candidates for that office. Candidates are given time for brief opening and closing statements and our interviews last no more than 30 minutes. After all willing candidates are interviewed the Screening sub-committee will make a recommendation to the Public Policy committee for whom the Association should support in the race. That recommendation must be confirmed by the Public Policy committee then it must be forwarded for confirmation to the Association Board of Directors before becoming official. Florida Realtors reserves the option to support state office incumbents in elections where those incumbents have been and continue to be proponents of our issues thus not permitting screenings in those races.

List of candidates the Association recommends for support in their respective races in the Aug. 30th primaries and the Nov. general election. 

Congressional candidate Francis Rooney garners REALTOR® support for U.S. House election

The National Association of REALTORS® Political Action Committee, the political arm of the National Association of REALTORS®, announced the endorsement of Francis Rooney for Congress. The endorsement comes following a recommendation from the Florida REALTORS® PAC and the Royal Palm Coast REALTOR® Association.

Florida REALTORS® President Matey Veissi cited Francis Rooney's years of experience in the development industry as well as his desire to help Floridian's pursue the dream of homeownership as the reasons for their support.

"Francis Rooney has a track record of success and a knowledge of REALTOR issues which will be essential to being our voice in Congress. He knows the value of financing options like the VA and FHA programs and has been working to find solutions to our flood insurance problems," said Veissi. (for full press release please CLICK HERE... )

Florida Realtors® PAC Endorses Republican Matt Hudson in Florida Senate District 28 Race

– Republican Candidate Matt Hudson for Florida Senate District 28 today announced that he has received the endorsement of the Florida Realtors® Political Advocacy Committee (Florida Realtors® PAC), the political arm of Florida Realtors®.
"We need a Legislature that focuses on making Florida a fair regulatory and low tax state that helps create and maintain a vibrant state economy and strong real estate market," said Bill Furst, chair of the Florida Realtors® PAC Trustees. "The goal of the Realtors® PAC is to support candidates who promote policies that encourage homeownership and preserve the quality of life for our state."
"I am pleased to receive the backing of the Florida Realtors® PAC in my campaign for SD 28," said Representative Hudson. "As a licensed real estate broker, I've seen firsthand the important role that the real estate industry plays in our Southwest community and all of Florida, as realtors help many in achieving their dream of homeownership, providing a roof to sleep under and a place to share a meal with family and friends. It's vital that we foster a healthy economy and in turn a thriving real estate market, which I am committed to doing, in order to grow and maintain an affordable and prosperous state."
(for full press release please CLICK HERE... )

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