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MLS Knowledge and Support
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Video and Forms Library

Do you have questions? No problem! We have answers. Use this library to quickly learn how to navigate the MLS.  Find the forms and videos you need for everything from Compliance Rules and Regulations to Listing Input, Matrix, Agent 3000, MLS-Touch Mobile App, Realist, Realtors Property Resource (RPR), Remine, and other MLS resources.  The library is updated weekly so come back often.  You'll be glad you did!


Your FGCMLS Dashboard (10:25 minutes)

Reciprocal Listings (1:36 minutes)

Video Library (1:37 minutes)

MLS Courses (Pre-Recorded)

Intro to Public Records (1:07:02 hours)

MLS Basic Part One (1:35:30 hours)

MLS Basic Part Two (1:06:44 hours)

MLS Pro (58:41 minutes)

MLS Listing Input (47:12 minutes)

MLS-Touch Mobile App (1:16:06 hours)

Why You Should Use Remine (51:58 minutes)

Agent 3000 Lead Generation


Intro to ePropertyWatch (8:41 minutes)

Form Simplicity

Broker Assistants (2:58 minutes)

Broker Dashboard (1:56 minutes)

Broker Set Up (2:30 minutes)

Broker Transactions (2:18 minutes)

Clauses (2:40 minutes)

Collaboration (4:26 minutes)

Contacts (2:52 minutes)

Email to Transaction (1:36 minutes)

eSign 2.0 (6:26 minutes)

eSign 2.0 for Signer (2:33 minutes)

eSign Templates (4:55 minutes)

Form Simplicity Overview (3:12 minutes)

Forms Library (3:12 minutes)

Forms Packages (5:48 minutes)

My Transactions (3:58 minutes)

Optimizing Your Workflow with Form Simplicity
 (webinar 59:52 minutes)

Rotate and Split PDF Files (2:29 minutes)

Tasks (3:19 minutes)

Task List Templates (5:04 minutes)

Transaction Details
 (6:30 minutes)


Intro to ListTrac (7:22 minutes)

MLS-Touch Mobile App

MLS Advantage

MLS Advantage (40:33 minutes)

MLS Advantage CMA (8:34 minutes)


Realtors Property Resource (RPR)


RentSpree Webinar 3/20/2023 (25:58 minutes)

E-Sign Documents (3:29 minutes)

RentSpree Webinar
 (27:31 minutes)

Rent Payment (3:18 minutes)

Renters Insurance (4:14 minutes)

Tenant Screening (3:22 minutes)


An Introduction to the New Realist (6:55 minutes

What is Realist
 (1:23 minutes)

Getting Started (1:56 minutes)

Realist - Matrix Integration Property 360 View Part 1 (4:39 minutes)

Realist - Matrix Integration Property 360 View Part 2 (4:15 minutes)

Realist Search Tools (6:49 minutes)

Realist Sell Score (3:28 minutes)

Assessor Map (1:36 minutes)

Comparables (1:50 minutes)

Mailing Labels and Exports (6:14 minutes)

Map Layers (4:28 minutes)

Map Tools (9:02 minutes)

Market Trends (1:15 minutes)

Neighborhood Profile (2:11 minutes)

Property Detail Report (6:38 minutes)

Quick Search (1:10 minutes)

Realist Reports (7:54 minutes)

Working with Search Results (7:27 minutes)



Configure Appointments (2:39 minutes)

Confirming Appointments
 (1:17 Minutes)

Enhanced Feedback  (2:40 minutes)

Feedback Templates (:50 seconds)

Gate Code and Access Notes (:46 seconds)

Live Open House (4:25 minutes)

Listing Activity Report (3:02 minutes)

Mobile App (3:20 minutes)

Overlapping Appointments (1:19 minutes)

ShowingCart (4:04 minutes)

ShowingTime Overview (8:55 minutes)

Viewing & Sharing Showing Feedback (1:15 minutes)
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