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Major Investors

Backing the Florida Realtors® PAC gives you a voice in our state capital — and protects your business interests. Top PAC Donors Help Give the Real Estate Industry a Strong Voice

You Have To Give To Get

If you believe in the concept that “you have to give to get,” then step up and become a Major Investor. Position yourself as someone who truly is making a difference in Florida’s future and the real estate profession.
Major Investors

RPAC’s Major Investor Program consists of an elite and passionate group of Realtor® investors who partner with NAR to shape the political future of the real estate industry. Members of the Major Investor Program are eligible to participate in the RPAC Recognition Program, with specific benefits and accolades that acknowledge their support of RPAC.

With a minimum annual investment of $1,000, there are four levels within the RPAC Major Investor Program: Sterling R, Crystal R, Golden R and Platinum R.  

Your Voice in the Capital
What is a PAC
Florida Realtors® PAC

RPCRA Major Investors

Sterling R

Major Investor only = $1000
President's Circle Major Investor = $1000 + $2000

Marion Briggs
Josh Burdine
Juliana DeCosta
Michael Frye
Debra Giacalone
Albert Giacalone
Melisa Giovannelli
James Maginness
John P Martin
Jeffrey Miloff
Elizabeth Paul
Patrick Quinlan
Michele Schafer
Donna Stout 
Anita Turek
Tracy Vanlandschoot
Gary Verwilt
Susan Voelkel
Robert Wade
Aaron Wolf

Crystal R

Major Investor only = $2500. To sustain $1500. President's Circle Major Investor = $2000 + $2000. To sustain $1000 +$2000.

Karen Borrelli
Leigh Cloud
Blain Elmer
Marlissa Gervasoni
Jason Jakus
Beate Jones
Jonette Jones
Elijah Lefkowitz
Robin McKeever
Jacob Meyer
Angela Nichols
Cynthia Shafer
William Steinke
Kevin Williamson
Nancy Williamson

Golden R

Major Investor only = $5000. To sustain $2000. President's Circle = $4000 + $2000. To sustain $1000 + $2000. 

Robert Himschoot
Shane Spring, President's Circle

Platinum R

Major Investor only = $10,000. To sustain $5000. President's Circle Major Investor $10,000 + $2000. To sustain $5000 + $2000.

Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame members who have made a significant commitment to RPAC over the years by investing an aggregate lifetime amount of at least $25,000: 

Inducted 2016 Cynthia Shafer
Inducted 2016 Liz Paul
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