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Realtors® Care Foundation of Southwest Florida (The Foundation)

About the Realtors® Care Foundation of Southwest Florida (The Foundation)

In 2021, the Royal Palm Coast Realtor® Association (RPCRA) formed a separate, non-profit, charitable corporation called the Realtors® Care Foundation of Southwest Florida. The Foundation was created to assist members of the community who have suffered financial hardships as a result of a natural disaster, or unforeseen events, by paying for maintenance or repairs to their homes.

The Foundation has been established to offer financial assistance to homeowners in Southwest Florida who have been victims of natural disasters, such as hurricanes, and financial hardships that accompany it. The Foundation provides financial assistance to homeowners in need.


Funding for the Foundation

Funding for The Foundation is derived through community fundraisers, and as a Royal Palm Coast Realtor® Association (RPCRA) budget line item. Funding is not guaranteed and may be limited in any given year.

Application for Assistance

An application for assistance must be completed by the person(s) owning the property and/or persons acting on the owner(s) behalf. The application is reviewed by the RPCRA Board of Directors. An applicant may be awarded up to $1,500.00 per incident. Foundation monies cannot be disbursed directly to the applicant, but are submitted as payment, on their behalf, for expenses incurred. Funding is not guaranteed and may be limited.
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Our Commitment to Equality

The Foundation has always, and continues to be, an equal access and equal opportunity corporation. The Foundation does not discriminate against any person(s) based on race, ethnicity, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status, national origin, or sexual orientation.

Become Involved

The Foundation could not do what it does without the generous support of a caring community. Home repairs are costly and living in a community with severe weather leaves many residents vulnerable to damage. To continue to operate and serve, we need financial contributions from companies and individuals like yourself. Any amount that you can donate will go to helping homeowners in distress.
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