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MLS Data Licensing

Information for Brokers and Agents

What Is IDX? IDX stands for Internet Data Exchange. This policy gives MLS Participants and Subscribers the ability to authorize the limited electronic display of their listings by other participants. IDX is also called Broker Reciprocity and enhances cooperation between REALTORS® to facilitate the purchase and sale of real property. IDX gives MLS Participants the ability to authorize the limited electronic display of their listings by other Participants. Under IDX, brokers exchange consent to display each other’s listings on participants’ websites and use applications for mobile devices that participants control.

What is a VOW? A Virtual Office Website is an enhanced form of an IDX website. VOWs are Internet sites operated by MLS Participant Brokers through which they establish relationships and work with clients and customers in cyberspace in ways similar to how real estate professionals interact with clients and customers in a “brick and mortar” environment. A consumer accessing VOWs can search and view listing data after registering and providing his/her name and a valid email address and accepting certain Terms of Use.

How do I get IDX set up on my website? IDX and VOW data is available to any FGCMLS Realtor member. The majority of our members use 3rd party companies. It is the 3rd party company that needs to request an FGCMLS data feed that starts the application process. The application process involves getting signatures from the office broker, FGCMLS staff, and the technology provider.  

IDX Framing Solutions – For agents that already have a website and want to add a free embedded IDX search, there is an alternative option that doesn’t involve signing up with an IDX technology provider. Embedded means that you will need to obtain HTML code that will be added to your existing website so that the IDX search is “framed “ into your existing website.

Matrix – Click here for a guide on how to obtain your free IDX framing links in Matrix MLS


Information for Technology Providers

What is RETS and Web API? RETS (Real Estate Transaction Standard) and Web API (Web Application Interface) are the two methods by which Technology Providers can use FGCMLS data to support your products and services.  Both of these data feed types utilize RESO (Real Estate Standards Organization) data dictionary standards.

What is Trestle? Trestle is the online application that Technology Providers must use to obtain the RETS or WEB API data for our market.    

Setup Costs for RETS or Web API - Setup fees and costs for an FGCMLS Data License vary depending on the type of data being requested. Please send an email to mlstrestle@rpcra.org for questions about current pricing options.

Listing Display Requirements – FGCMLS Data Display guidelines for IDX and VOW can be found here.

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