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Mediation as a Service

Mediation is NAR's preferred method of dispute resolution. All local Realtor® Associations must, as a benefit of membership, offer the ability to mediate otherwise arbitrable disputes. RPCRA requires mediation prior to an arbitration hearing.

Although no party to an arbitrable matter can be required to submit to mediation (unless Realtors® [principals] are required by their Board to mediate otherwise arbitrable disputes pursuant to Article 17) and mediation is not intended to be a substitute for the arbitration procedures described elsewhere in this Manual, mediation can be a useful tool in resolving the conflicts that arise involving Board Members and their clients and customers. Mediation must be available in instances where arbitration would be provided under Part Ten, Section 44 of this Manual and a Board can require Realtors® (principals) to mediate otherwise arbitrable disputes pursuant to Article 17. Mediation can resolve disputes, promote amicable resolutions, and reduce the number of cases requiring the more formal and complex arbitration procedures of the Board, thus reducing the time and effort required of Board Members serving on the Professional Standards Committee. (Revised 11/11)

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