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  • The Florida Gulf Coast MLS works diligently each month to ensure that your MLS data is accurate and is being used in a professional, honest manner by all our Subscribers and Technology Companies.   This article discusses some ways to ensure that the listing agent and office receive any Data Checker notifications for their listings, and tips to avoid getting a fine.

  • You’ve got your real estate license in hand, you’ve chosen a brokerage, you’ve joined the REALTOR® Association – now what?

    There’s nothing more exciting and more terrifying than the start of a new career. In the heat of the moment, concepts like systems and procedures, prioritizing, and continuing education may seem trivial. You may think that getting the first deal is all that matters.

    Mistake 1: Failing to learn how to properly use the MLS database.

    This potential error is a big one. As a new agent, not mastering the fundamentals of searching, entering a new listing, pulling market stats, and more is another error that new agents might commit in their excitement and haste to sign a contract. Although each deal is different, there are routines and methods you should follow for every client.

    FGCMLS offers classes for MLS Basic, MLS Pro, and Listing Input.  Don’t neglect to register for these classes until it’s time to enter your first listing.  Save time and possibly money by learning FIRST!

    Mistake 2: Failing to take advantage of all the free business solutions offered by the MLS.

    Forgetting that the MLS offers so much more than a database to view or add listings is another big mistake.  FGCMLS provides you with tools that assist you with everything from public records access to marketing yourself and your listings to staying in touch with buyers and sellers.

    Many agents dismiss this as a tedious or busywork, but it’s essential to schedule time to learn what resources you have and how to use them.

    In addition to weekly webinars, FGCMLS provides 24-7 online learning.  See what’s available by clicking on the MLS Training link on the FGCMLS dashboard.

    Mistake 3: Not getting involved.

    New agents may feel like they don’t have time for association activities, but the truth is it is indispensable in getting exposure for yourself and your new career.  Getting to know other agents, networking, and getting actively involved is one of the best ways to learn.

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