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FIRPTA Solutions, Inc

615 Cape Coral Pkwy # 202, Cape Coral 33914, FL

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Unlike other firms that offer multiple accounting products, FIRPTA Solutions Inc. only focuses on FIRPTA related services. This allows us to give you our full attention and only focus on your FIRPTA needs.


Filling out an IRS form is easy. However, it takes daily hands-on experience to know what to do next and more importantly, knowing what to do when things go off-track. Getting a seller’s FIRPTA withholding money back from the IRS can be easy with the right professional by your side!

This is how we differentiate ourselves from the competition.

By explaining the process to buyers and helping them fully understand their role is rewarding and the relief we see in our clients when they find out they will get their FIRPTA money 

615 Cape Coral Pkwy # 202, Cape Coral 33914, FL

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