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Unlock Opportunities with Remine's Advanced Search

Agents that use Remine are some of the most productive and high yielding in the industry.”

Did you miss it?  On July 14th Remine released an update to the Advanced Search feature! No other MLS search unlocks the insights and opportunities you have at your fingertips!

Whether you’re analyzing data in specific neighborhoods or studying market trends of listings and closings, these updates will make your life easier.

New Toggle Features for Listing Data/Property Data

From the Remine map you can select either Listing or Properties.

Select Listing if you want to review a listing or MLS specific information or select Properties if you’re looking for tax and property related information.

Keep in mind, you’ll automatically default to search by Listing data. Multiple property cards for the property are available if there are multiple listing records in the MLS.

Toggle to Properties to search by property data. One property card will be visible for each property.

These updates more clearly define the criteria that matters for the type of search you want to run.  For example, if you want to see all the properties in Fort Myers but don’t want to include a certain zip code, you can refine your search to exclude that area.

These updates will serve to elevate your search process making data more accessible than ever!  Log into Remine from your FGCMLS Dashboard to take advantage of this free subscriber benefit and keep an eye out for more enhancements in the future!

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